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Competitive local exchange company (CLEC) information
Constitution Gas Transport Company gas supply rates
Credit Card Payment Fees and Instructions

Credit Card Payment Fees and Instructions If you have a need to add vehicles or states to your Single State Registration, or pay PUCO tax quickly, the PUCO offers a credit card process that goes through a third party. The fees are based on the amount of the charge. Fax is not a secure means of information

Dominion East Ohio gas supply rates

DOMINION EAST OHIO Standard Service Offering Rates & Calculations   October 16, 2009  (SSO) September 17, 2009   (SSO) August 18, 2009   (SSO) July 20, 2009  (SSO) June 18, 2009  (SSO) May 19, 2009  (SSO) April 20, 2009   (SSO) March 19, 2009  (SSO) February 18, 2009  (SSO) January 20,

Duke Energy Ohio gas supply rates

DUKE ENERGY OHIO (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric Gas) Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 29, 2009   September 30, 2009   August 31, 2009 July 31, 2009   July 1, 2009   June 2, 2009   May 1, 2009   April 1, 2009   March 3, 2009   February 2, 2009   January 2, 2009  

Eastern Natural Gas gas supply rates

EASTERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY Gas Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   September 1, 2009 August 1, 2009 July 1, 2009 June 1, 2009   May 1, 2009   April 1, 2009   March 1, 2009   February 1, 2009   January 1, 2009   December 1, 2008   November 1, 2008   October 1, 2008   September

Electric do not aggregate list - governmental aggregator/supplier information

Section 4928.21 of the Ohio Revised Code directs the PUCO to develop and maintain on its website a do-not-aggregate list of customers that desire to remove themselves from the pool of customers eligible to participate in an electric opt-out governmental aggregation program. The PUCO adopted the process establishing the do not aggregate list on July 29, 2009.

Electric Restructuring

Electric Restructuring Instructions on how to subscribe to the BIDDING List Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) Provider Applications & Filing Instructions Electric Certification Providers List Electric Restructuring Cases & Rules Electric

Electric Restructuring Cases & Rules

Electric Restructuring Cases & Rules Certification of Competitive Retail Electric Services (99-1609-EL-ORD) Commission´s March 30, 2000 Finding & Order ( pdf file ) ( word file ) Commission´s June 8, 2000 Entry on Rehearing ( pdf file ) ( word file ) CRES Certification Rules - Section

Electric Restructuring Consumer Education Plan

General Plan for Consumer Education The General Plan for Consumer Education The Entry  addressing the education plans of Columbus Southern Power, Ohio Power, Dayton Power & Light, Cincinnati Gas & Electric and Monongahela Power (99-1658 signed April 2) The Entry  addressing the

Electronic Filing: Frequently Asked Questions by End Users
Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Order/Rules Highlights

Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Order/Rules Highlights (Ohio Administrative Code 4901:1-39) Commission establishes the expectation that electric distribution utilities will implement all cost-effective energy efficiency and peak demand reduction - recognizing that S.B. 221 benchmarks establish a floor not a

Energy efficiency protocols for measurement and verification
Natural gas supply rate information
Gasco Distribution Systems gas supply rates
Natural gas supply rate filings
Ohio Energy Assurance
Glenwood Energy of Oxford, Inc. gas supply rates
Hazardous Materials Carrier Search
Hazardous Materials Registration

Hazardous Materials Registration The Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Transportation Procedures is a group of seven states - Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma and West Virginia - that register and issue permits to carriers and shippers of hazardous materials in a uniform manner, utilizing the same