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Industry Topics

Certification requirements and responsibilities
Intrastate temporary age exemption for agricultural drivers
Minimum gas service standards
Electric service and safety standards
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2013
Ohio Market Development Working Group
OMCIS help page
Frequently asked questions
Ohio GATE: Gaining Access Through Economics with Ohio Utilities

The mission of OhioGATE is to promote, develop and increase business opportunities between diverse businesses and the Ohio utility industry.

Motor Carrier Safety Guidebook
Motor Carrier Safety Guidebook

The PUCO's Motor Carrier Safety Guidebook is meant to be a resource for the motor carrier community and those who would like to learn more about Ohio's laws and regulations concerning the transportation of goods, products, and people.

Environmental disclosure information for EDUs and CRES providers
Retail market investigation
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2012
Commission reviewing pilot for opting out of energy efficiency rider

Commissioners held a workshop on Nov. 15, 2012 to examine Ohio’s three year old pilot program for energy efficiency and demand side management programs. The pilot enables large industrial customers to commit to energy savings in exchange for exemptions from EE riders. The workshop included an update on applications filed to date, how the PUCO addresses them and how Ohio’s program compares to other states'. 

Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2011
Inspection report information & instructions

  Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Driver – Vehicle Inspection Report INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS TO DRIVER AND MOTOR CARRIER The driver and vehicle listed on the accompanying inspection report form has been inspected by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The explanations below are provided

Instructions for notice of apparent violation (NAV) and notice of intent to assess forfeiture (NIF) letters

You have received a combined "notice of apparent violation" and "notice of intent to assess forfeiture" as described in Rule 4901:2-7-09, Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.). Within 30 days of receipt of this

Explanation of civil penalty procedures

The PUCO is responsible for assessing monetary penalties for serious violations found during compliance reviews, commercial motor vehicle inspections, and household goods investigations. Compliance Reviews Approximately 450 compliance reviews are conducted annually by PUCO employees. A compliance review

Education materials for new hire

Education Materials for New Hire The PUCO Enforcement Division is available to conduct on site training for drivers and/or owners at safety meetings and other events. Our Motor Carrier Safety Rules Handbook  is quite useful. There is also an  education and training packet  on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Examples of private and for-hire carriers

Examples of Private Carriers Beverage Delivery Trucks Hardware store delivery truck Farm Vehicles Landscaper Recreational Vehicles Examples of For-Hire Carriers Truckload carriers of someone else’s goods Small package and/or LTL carriers Dump trucks if the carrier does not own aggregate