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Industry Topics

Explanation of civil penalty procedures

The PUCO is responsible for assessing monetary penalties for serious violations found during compliance reviews, commercial motor vehicle inspections, and household goods investigations. Compliance Reviews Approximately 450 compliance reviews are conducted annually by PUCO employees. A compliance review

Education materials for new hire

Education Materials for New Hire The PUCO Enforcement Division is available to conduct on site training for drivers and/or owners at safety meetings and other events. Our Motor Carrier Safety Rules Handbook  is quite useful. There is also an  education and training packet  on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Examples of private and for-hire carriers

Examples of Private Carriers Beverage Delivery Trucks Hardware store delivery truck Farm Vehicles Landscaper Recreational Vehicles Examples of For-Hire Carriers Truckload carriers of someone else’s goods Small package and/or LTL carriers Dump trucks if the carrier does not own aggregate

Regulatory contacts for motor carriers

Regulatory Contacts for Motor Carriers Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Compliance Division Phone: (614) 466-0351 Civil Forfeiture Penalties Safety Rules and Regulations Enforcement Division Phone: (614) 466-0369 Carrier Compliance Reviews New Entrant Carrier Safety Audits Driver/Commercial

Transportation Links

Links to Other Government Agencies and Programs CFR 49 parts 100-185 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Hazardous material route maps for Northeast and Central Ohio

Hazardous Materials Routes for Northeast and Central Ohio The hazmat routing maps for  Northeast  and  Central Ohio  require the  Adobe Acrobat  viewer.

Hazardous Materials Training & Planning Grants Program

The PUCO will award grants for  the training of public safety and emergency services personnel in the proper techniques for the management of hazardous materials spills and  releases that occur during transportation. Grants are awarded on a  reimbursement basis. Although grants may be awarded to educational

ACP: Non-solar alternative compliance payment under ORC 4928.64
Alliance of Uniform Hazmat Materials Transportation Procedures

The PUCO is responsible for reviewing applications by carriers who wish to transport hazardous materials in Ohio. Hazardous materials carriers are required to file a uniform hazmat materials application with the PUCO. Carriers may not transport any hazarous materials until their application has been approved.

Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2009
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2010

AMERITECH OHIO Section 271 Ameritech Ohio´s Application Pursuant to Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to Provide In-Region, InterLATA Services in Ohio On February 8, 1996, the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted to, among other things, encourage the development of competition

August 5th Workshop for Ohio Energy Efficiency Technical Resource Manual

Energy Efficiency Technical Resource Manual  TRC Workshop The Commission Staff will host a second workshop regarding the development of an Ohio Energy Efficiency Technical Resource Manual in Case No. 09-512-GE-UNC on: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Hearing Room 11E Webcast: 

Biofuel and Renewable Energy Task Force

 Biofuel and Renewable Energy Task Force The Ohio General Assembly created the Biofuel and Renewable Energy Task Force, which was asked to submit a report to the General Assembly and the Governor in March 2004 on recommendations for expanding the industries of biofuel and other renewable energy sources in the state,

Biomass Energy and its Benefits

see also: Ohio Biomass Energy Biomass Energy and its Benefits Biomass is a substantial renewable resource that can be used as a fuel for producing electricity and other forms of energy. Biomass feedstock, or energy sources, are any organic matter available on a renewable basis for conversion to energy.

Biomass energy use in Ohio

Biomass Energy Use in Ohio Wood Residues       In Ohio, there are more than 1,300 wood manufacturing companies. A substantial quantity of biomass resources are generated from forests (tops and limbs) and wood companies (saw dust, chips, barks, and edgings). The Ohio Biomass Energy Program

Brainard Gas Corp GCR rates and calculations

(up/emplibrary/files/util/OhioGasCostRecoveryRates\BrainardGasCorp\Brainard 03-01-12.pdfBRAINARD GAS CORPORATION Gas Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 1, 2009   September 1, 2009   August 1, 2009 June 1, 2009   May 1, 2009   April 1, 2009   March 1, 2009   February 1, 2009   January 1, 2009 December 1, 2008   November 1, 2008   October 1, 2008   September

Carrier to carrier information and issues

Carrier to Carrier Information and Issues Carrier to Carrier Rules Approved Rules   Opinion and Order Entry on Rehearing   TELRIC Pricing SBC Ohio Cincinnati Bell Telephone

Columbia Gas of Ohio gas supply rates

COLUMBIA GAS of OHIO Gas Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 27, 2009   September 28, 2009   August 27, 2009 July 29, 2009 June 29.2009 May 29, 2009   April 29, 2009   March 31, 2009   March 2, 2009   January 30, 2009   December 31, 2008   November 28, 2008   October

Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service provider information

Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service Provider Information, Applications, Forms, Reports, Rules, and Charts Pursuant to Section 4929.20(A) of the Revised Code, retail natural gas service suppliers (retail natural gas aggregator/brokers and marketers) and certain governmental aggregators must be certified by the