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Industry Topics

ACP: Non-solar alternative compliance payment under ORC 4928.64
Alliance of Uniform Hazmat Materials Transportation Procedures

The PUCO is responsible for reviewing applications by carriers who wish to transport hazardous materials in Ohio. Hazardous materials carriers are required to file a uniform hazmat materials application with the PUCO. Carriers may not transport any hazarous materials until their application has been approved.

Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2009
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2010
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2011
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2012
Alternative energy portfolio status reports - 2013
Biomass energy links
Brainard Gas Corp GCR rates and calculations

(up/emplibrary/files/util/OhioGasCostRecoveryRates\BrainardGasCorp\Brainard 03-01-12.pdfBRAINARD GAS CORPORATION Gas Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 1, 2009   September 1, 2009   August 1, 2009 June 1, 2009   May 1, 2009   April 1, 2009   March 1, 2009   February 1, 2009   January 1, 2009 December 1, 2008   November 1, 2008   October 1, 2008   September

Carrier to carrier information and issues

Carrier to Carrier Information and Issues Carrier to Carrier Rules Approved Rules   Opinion and Order Entry on Rehearing   TELRIC Pricing SBC Ohio Cincinnati Bell Telephone

Certification requirements and responsibilities
Columbia Gas of Ohio gas supply rates

COLUMBIA GAS of OHIO Gas Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 27, 2009   September 28, 2009   August 27, 2009 July 29, 2009 June 29.2009 May 29, 2009   April 29, 2009   March 31, 2009   March 2, 2009   January 30, 2009   December 31, 2008   November 28, 2008   October

Combined heat and power in Ohio
Commission reviewing pilot for opting out of energy efficiency rider

Commissioners held a workshop on Nov. 15, 2012 to examine Ohio’s three year old pilot program for energy efficiency and demand side management programs. The pilot enables large industrial customers to commit to energy savings in exchange for exemptions from EE riders. The workshop included an update on applications filed to date, how the PUCO addresses them and how Ohio’s program compares to other states'. 

Competitive local exchange company (CLEC) information
Competitive retail natural gas service provider information

Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service Provider Information, Applications, Forms, Reports, Rules, and Charts Pursuant to Section 4929.20(A) of the Revised Code, retail natural gas service suppliers (retail natural gas aggregator/brokers and marketers) and certain governmental aggregators must be certified by the

Constitution Gas Transport Company gas supply rates
Credit card payment fees and instructions

If you have a need to add vehicles or states to your single state registration, or pay PUCO tax quickly, the PUCO offers a credit card process that goes through a third party. The fees are based on the amount of the charge. Fax is not a secure means of information

Dominion East Ohio gas supply rates

DOMINION EAST OHIO Standard Service Offering Rates & Calculations   October 16, 2009  (SSO) September 17, 2009   (SSO) August 18, 2009   (SSO) July 20, 2009  (SSO) June 18, 2009  (SSO) May 19, 2009  (SSO) April 20, 2009   (SSO) March 19, 2009  (SSO) February 18, 2009  (SSO) January 20,

Duke Energy Ohio gas supply rates

DUKE ENERGY OHIO (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric Gas) Cost Recovery Rates & Calculations   October 29, 2009   September 30, 2009   August 31, 2009 July 31, 2009   July 1, 2009   June 2, 2009   May 1, 2009   April 1, 2009   March 3, 2009   February 2, 2009   January 2, 2009