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The Office of Administration provides internal support, including docketing, necessary for the day-to-day operations of the agency.

Attorney General

The Attorney General's public utilities section represents the PUCO staff before the Commission and represents the Commission itself before the Supreme Court of Ohio, other state and federal courts, and federal administrative agencies.

Business Resources

The Business Resources Department includes the Human Resources division, the Fiscal and Office Services division, and the Information Technology division.

Commission Offices

The Commission Offices consist of the commissioners and their aides.

Energy and Environment

The Department of Energy and Environment conducts technical analysis, environmental review and field investigations to assure energy availability produced from all available fuel sources to the consumers of Ohio and the region. E&E produces independent forecast reports of demand for electricity and gas in Ohio and provides other various energy reports. E&E processes electricity forecast cases, integrated resource planning, energy efficiency and portfolio compliance requirements. The Department also participates in federal and state programs and investigations regarding energy policy, delivery and reliability. E&E provides policy and analytical support for the Commission and others on energy issues. Also housed within the Department of E&E is the staff for the Ohio Power Siting Board and the Ohio Biomass Energy Program.


The Legal Department's attorney examiners conduct public hearings, issue procedural entries, and draft the opinions and orders issued by the Commission. The attorney examiners also answer inquiries about public hearings and case processing.

Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs fosters the PUCO image by communicating utility information to Ohioans in a timely, accurate and understandable manner. The Office includes the Communications and Legislative sections.

Service Monitoring and Enforcement

The Service Monitoring and Enforcement Department examines the quality of service provided by utility companies to ensure that safe, dependable and quality services are being provided. The department also handles requests for information, complaints and attempts to resolve consumer problems without the need for a formal hearing. PUCO investigators answer and respond to hundreds of thousands of customer complaints and requests for information each year through the PUCO Call Center. To learn more about contacting the Investigations and Audits Division, visit the PUCO's contact us page.


The Transportation Department regulates railroad, trucking, bus and watercraft companies across a broad range of activities. The PUCO places strong emphasis on safety in the commercial trucking and railroad industries. To increase motorist and pedestrian safety, the department provides technical help and allocates federal and state funds for safety devices at railroad grade crossings.


The Utilities Department processes utility rate change requests and performs technical investigations, develops programs, monitors marketplace development and implements policies in the regulation of gas, electric, water, wastewater, and telephone companies. The department provides technical support to the PUCO through its analyses, options, and recommendations on current and future regulatory issues.