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Order Copies of PUCO Publications

The PUCO produces numerous brochures and utility-related fact sheets that inform Ohio's utility customers of their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities in today‚Äôs choice-driven utility environment.  The PUCO is pleased to make these resources easily available to you and your organization by offering bulk copies of all our publications. We can provide up to 25 copies of each publication requested with a maximum of 250 total copies per order.

To request your copies, please contact us by e-mail following the instructions below, fill out and fax our order form to (614) 752-8802, or call the PUCO Office of Public Affairs at (614) 466-7750. Please specify the name(s) and quantity of the of the publication(s) you are ordering.



To request an e-mail contact, please provide your e-mail address and click the "Contact Me" button: