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Publication List

General Information

Energy and Water Conservation Tips
A comprehensive resource for consumers about ways to conserve energy and water every day, throughout the day. (brochure)

Energy Assistance Programs: Help with Paying Your Utility Bill
Describes the available financial assistance plans for electric, natural gas and telephone services, the criteria for each and how to enroll. (multi-page fact sheet)

How to Testify at a PUCO Public Hearing
Explains the kinds of public testimony that can be given at a public hearing and the procedures for PUCO public hearings. (fact sheet)

PUCO Community Outreach
Provides general information about the services of the PUCO education and outreach program, including public speaking engagements, participation in fairs and seminars, the PUCO Web site, newsletters and publications and the PUCO Call Center. (fact sheet)

PUCO Consumer Hotline
Explains how the PUCO can help Ohioans with resolving customer concerns and provides contact information. (card)

PUCO Guide to Establishing Utility Services
Provides general information about establishing electric, natural gas, telephone and water service before moving to a new residence. (multi-page fact sheet)

Utility Information for Ohio Senior Citizens
Provides, in large print, general utility information that is helpful for senior citizens. (multi-page fact sheet)

Ohio Power Siting Board
Provides information about the Ohio Power Siting Board and explains the process for building a new energy facility.  (brochure)

Utility Rate Case Process
Describes Ohio’s utility rate making process and how the PUCO determines the rates to be charged by a public utility. (fact sheet)

Ohio PIPP Plus
Explains the new Percentage of Income Payment Plan for customers whose income is 150 percent or less of the federal poverty level. (brochure)

Winter Reconnect Order
Describes the terms of the PUCO’s winter reconnect order which allows consumers to maintain their service or be reconnected during the winter heating season. (fact sheet)

Business Information

Utility Solutions for Ohio Businesses from the PUCO

A fact sheet with information for Ohio businesses on how the PUCO can help them resolve utility issues. (fact sheet)

Utility Tips for Small Businesses
A fact sheet with tips on how small businesses can reduce energy waste and develop energy savings and solutions. (fact sheet)

Electric Information

Budget Billing for Electric and Natural Gas Service
Summarizes the budget billing program which can help customers manage utility costs. Includes how customers can sign up and how the budget amount is determined. (fact sheet)

Electric Customer Bill of Rights
Summarizes some of the rights and responsibilities of Ohio electric customers. (brochure)

Weather Related Power Outages: A PUCO Guide to Being Prepared
Provides a checklist of things to know or have on hand before, during and after a power outage. (fact sheet)

Electric Security Plans
Provides information on the history of electric deregulation in Ohio and the electric security plans for American Electric Power, Dayton Power and Light Duke Energy or First Energy. (fact sheet)  (circle appropriate utilities)

How to Generate Wind Power in Ohio
Provides information on how to develop a wind energy project for small costumer owned wind generation or for-profit commercial wind generation. (fact sheet)

Electric Safety
Provides safety tips to follow around electric appliances, tools and power lines. (fact sheet)

Natural Gas Information

Apples to Apples Charts
Utility specific chart that provides consumers with a "snapshot" comparison of current supplier price options, contract terms and an estimated annual total cost (estimated cost). (fact sheet)

Governmental Energy Aggregation
Describes governmental aggregations for natural gas and electric services including opt-in and opt-out programs, eligibility and things to consider when joining. (fact sheet)

Gas Cost Recovery (GCR): How it affects your natural gas bill
Provides an explanation of the gas cost recovery including how the GCR is determined and the PUCO’s role in mandating the GCR. (fact sheet)

Natural Gas Choice: Your Guide to Choosing a Supplier
Explains the natural gas choice program for Columbia Gas of Ohio, Duke Energy, Dominion East Ohio and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio. (brochure)

Natural Gas Customer Bill of Rights
Summarizes some of the rights and responsibilities of Ohio natural gas customers. (brochure)

Natural Gas Safety
Provides safety tips to follow around natural gas including information about gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. (fact sheet)

Columbia Gas of Ohio & Natural Gas Riser Safety
Explains what a natural gas riser is, the investigation process and the riser replacement program. (fact sheet)


Reading your Natural Gas Meter
Natural gas consumers have the option to call in their natural gas meter reading each month to the company. This fact sheet provides information on how to read natural gas meters. (fact sheet)

Water Information

Safe Drinking Water
Provides information about the three-step process to ensure safe drinking water. (fact sheet)

Water Service in Ohio: Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about water service including answers to questions about water color, water pressure, line break responsibilities and billing. (fact sheet)

Telephone Information

Consumer Guide to Internet Phone Service
Frequently asked questions about Voice over Internet Protocol telephone service. (fact sheet)

Ohio Enhanced Emergency 9-1-1 Service
Provides information about the 9-1-1 systems in Ohio for both traditional wireline and wireless phones. (brochure)

Ohio Relay Service
Information about how the Ohio Relay Service can make telephone service accessible to Ohioans who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing or speech-disabled. (fact sheet)

Recognizing Telephone Scams: Your Guide to Slamming and Cramming
Defines the telephone scams “slamming” (having telephone service changed to another provider without permission) and cramming (having services added without permission), provides tips on avoiding being slammed and contact information for help with a slamming incident. (brochure)

How to Choose a Telephone Company
Answers questions about local phone competition, provides a guide to selecting a new local phone provider, and lists some consumer rights regarding local phone service. (fact sheet)

Changing Area Codes: What Consumers Should Know
Frequently asked questions about area codes, how they run out, and what happens to an area designated to receive a new area code. Includes the latest update on scheduled exhausts. (fact sheet)

Wireless Number Portability Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about wireless number portability including answers to questions about porting fees, early termination fees, and how the PUCO can help. (fact sheet)

Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program
Describes financial assistance for telephone service and how to enroll. (multi-page fact sheet)

Telephone Savings Tips
Provides a list of tips that a consumer can follow to help reduce phone bills. Includes everything from directory listings to long distance minutes monitoring. Also available in Spanish. (fact sheet)

Understanding your Landline Telephone Bill
Provides a description of the charges that appear on telephone bills and why they are there. Also lists telephone company bill requirements by PUCO rule and provides tips for protecting against unwanted charges. (fact sheet)

Do Not Call Registry: Preventing Unwanted Telemarketing Calls
Provides information about the National Do Not Call Registry and other telemarketing rules. (fact sheet)

Motor Carrier Information

Hazardous Materials Incident Investigations
For emergency response organizations (fire, police, etc.), describes the services offered by the PUCO including incident investigation, training and hazardous materials surveying reports. (fact sheet)

Moving? Know Your Rights
Quick reference guide for Ohioans moving within the state. (brochure)

Radioactive Shipments and Security
Provides information about state and federal roles and requirements when inspecting radioactive shipments in Ohio. (fact sheet)

Compliance Reviews
Explains the compliance review process conducted on motor carriers. (brochure) 

Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Process
Information about roadside motor carrier safety inspections performed by the PUCO and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. (brochure)

 Hazardous Materials Carriers
Provides information about the registration and regulations concerning the commercial transportation of hazardous materials in Ohio. (brochure)

New Entrant Motor Carrier Safety Program
Designed to help new motor carrier operators understand the regulations they are required to follow. (brochure)

Railroad Information

Ohio's Rail Grade Crossing Programs
For local governments, provides a description of funding opportunities for upgrading the warning systems where railroad tracks cross roads. (brochure)