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Consumer Topics

Electricity and the Environment

The PUCO is the sole agency charged with regulating Ohio’s electric and  natural gas  utilities. Because energy issues often contain an environmental component, it is essential for the PUCO to maintain strong relationships with the  Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and the  Ohio Department of Natural

Electric Customers' Bill of Rights
Electric Customers' Bill of Rights

Learn some of the rights and responsibilities you have as an electric customer in Ohio, and the rules electric companies are required to follow.

Natural Gas Customers’ Bill of Rights

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is the state regulatory agency that has authority over investor-owned public utilities, including local natural gas companies. The PUCO regulates the rates customers pay for natural gas distribution, monitors the market-based rates charged for natural gas supplies and

Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas is used by more than 50 percent of American households as their main heating source. Natural gas is clean, efficient, and relatively safe. However, because there are potential dangers associated with natural gas usage, the PUCO recommends that consumers remember these safety tips. 

Energy and Water Conservation Tips

All households rely on utilities such as electric, natural gas, and water service to meet basic, everyday needs. Each day, you use these utilities to perform many daily tasks. As the price of energy continues to rise, so does the cost for these necessities, and many households are looking for ways to reduce the cost

How to Choose a Telephone Company

As new telephone technologies continue to emerge, there are more and more choices for consumers to pick from when it comes to telephone service. Gone are the days of just one telephone company providing service in an area. Now, competitive wireline telephone companies, wireless, Internet and cable providers are

Water Service in Ohio FAQ
Water Service in Ohio FAQ

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regulates investor-owned water companies throughout the state. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding water service here in Ohio.

Columbia Gas of Ohio’s Distribution Rate

In December 2008, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) adopted an agreement, arrived at between the parties in the case that allows Columbia Gas of Ohio to increase the rates it charges for natural gas distribution service. The PUCO also approved the company’s proposal to implement a new “levelized”

Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio's Distribution Rate

In January 2009, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) adopted an agreement, arrived at between the parties in the case, which allows Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio to increase the rates it charges for natural gas distribution service. The PUCO also ordered the company to implement a new “levelized”

Dominion East Ohio’s Distribution Rate
100 Years and Counting: The History of the PUCO

100 years and counting: The history of the PUCO utility and transportation regulation began in Ohio in 1867 when the General Assembly established the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads and Telegraphs. With the advice and consent of the Senate, the governor appointed the commissioner for a two-year term.

Call before you dig

Water and Wastewater Overview

Water and Wastewater Overview Water is essential to every form of life. Since less than 1 percent of fresh water is potable, or readily available for human consumption, it must be treated or purified before it can be consumed. To accomplish this, utility systems have been established to provide safe, clean water

Glossary of Utility-Related Terms

9-1-1: An abbreviated dialing code that directs emergency calls to police, fire, and emergency services. 2-1-1: An abbreviated dialing code that directs callers to health and human services information and referral providers. 3-1-1: An abbreviated dialing code that directs non-emergency telephone calls to police,

Budget Billing for Natural Gas and Electric Service

Fluctuating energy prices can have a dramatic influence on monthly energy bills. In addition to following conservation tips and considering competitive supplier options, consumers can take advantage of budget billing to offset increased energy costs for heating during the winter months and cooling during the summer

Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Process

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and the Ohio State Highway Patrol work to ensure that commercial motor vehicles (CMV) are traveling safely throughout Ohio. PUCO inspectors regularly conduct safety inspections on CMVs. Each safety inspection follows a thorough process to make sure that the driver and

Understanding Your Landline Telephone Bill

Consumer confusion over telephone bills has contributed to the growth of slamming (changing a customer’s telephone provider without his/her permission), cramming (adding charges to a customer’s bill for services he/she did not authorize), and other types of telecommunications fraud. The following information will

Motor Carrier Overview

The PUCO’s Transportation Department, Motor Carrier Division is committed to improving road safety for Ohioans by ensuring the equitable service of Commercial Motor Carriers and the safe operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) in Ohio. Motor carrier companies that transport commerce and operate in Ohio must remain in compliance with all federal and state safety regulations which are administered four sections within the Motor Carrier Division.

Choosing a Natural Gas Supplier

Under customer choice programs for Duke Energy, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio, and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio, you may choose your natural gas supplier. Your local natural gas utility will continue to deliver the gas to your home or business. If you are considering switching natural gas suppliers,

Rural call completion issues

Rural telephone companies and their customers throughout Ohio are experiencing what has become known as “rural call completion” problems. These customers have reported a variety of call completion issues, including calls not being connected.