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Review of Rules of Practice and Procedures in Case No. 11-776-AU-ORD

The Commission's March 2, 2011 entry in Case No. 11-776-AU-ORD initiates a review of Chapters 4901-1, Rules of Practice and Procedure; 4901-3, Commission Meetings; 4901-9, Complaint Proceedings; and 4901:1-1, Utility Tariffs and Underground Protection, of the Ohio Administrative Code. Among other things, Staff's proposed amendments include:

  • Rule 4901-1-02 - In addition to paper filing of documents in cases, parties will have the option to fax or electronically file almost all documents in all cases.  A party seeking to consolidate cases will have to file a motion to consolidate.
  • Rules 4901-1-05 – Procedures are proposed for serving documents by fax or email.
  • Rule 4901-1-07 – Procedures that allow additional time to act or respond depending upon the type of service are eliminated, but more strict requirements are proposed for providing notice of when an interlocutory appeal is filed (Rule 4901-1-17).
  • Rule 4901-1-08 - Out-of-state attorneys will be required to comply with new Ohio Supreme Court registration requirements.
  • Rule 4901-1-24 - Protective orders will be issued for 24 months in all cases instead of 18 months in some and 24 months in others.
  • Rule 4901-1-25 - Alternative methods for obtaining and serving a subpoena are proposed.

Comments on the proposed rule amendments are due April 1, 2011, and reply comments are due April 30, 2011.