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Annual Reports for fiscal assessment

2015 Unpaid Assessments

  • List current as of May 5, 2016 at 9:54 A.M.

2015 Canceled Certificates

  • List current as of January 20, 2016 at 11:19 A.M.

Annual Report filing instructions:

The filing deadline for Annual Reports for Fiscal Assessment for jurisdictional operations conducted in the 2015 calendar year is May 2, 2016, as directed in the Commission's January 20, 2016 order in Case No.16-01-AU-RPT. Please check the 2015 Fiscal Annual Report List for certificate and company contact information.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no affidavit required this year.

A separate report should be filed for each certificate or authority held.

In addition to the uniform core report, some industry segments (see the chart below) will be required to upload supplemental schedules as part of the filing process.

To file an amended report, or to update your contact information, please send your contact information, user name and certificate number to the annual reports mailbox.

For the current status of a certificate or authority, please check the Regulated Company List.

Listserves, supplemental schedules and additional information:

All regulated entities should subscribe to the appropriate industry list(s) by going to the Industry Listserve Sign Up, and selecting the appropriate industry service list(s) as shown in the chart below. The use of company mailboxes and multiple addresses should be considered to facilitate e-mail service, and companies should take appropriate action to ensure that electronic mail service from the Commission is not blocked or disabled.



Additional Information:
Electric Distribution Utility Companies ELECTRIC-ENERGY FERC Form 1  
Natural Gas Distribution Companies GAS-PIPELINE

GDC Schedules
in XLS format

Gas Pipeline Safety reports
Pipeline Companies GAS-PIPELINE None Gas Pipeline Safety reports
Certified Retail Electric Service Providers and Governmental Aggregators ELECTRIC-ENERGY None CRES Certification Information
Certified Retail Natural Gas Suppliers and Governmental Aggregators GAS-PIPELINE None CRNG Certification Information
Heating and Cooling Companies ELECTRIC-ENERGY H&C Schedules  
Competitive & Wireless Telecommunications Service Providers TELEPHONE None Telephone Industry Information
Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers TELEPHONE ILEC Schedule Telephone Industry Information
Waterworks and Sewage Disposal Companies WATER W&S Schedules  
Railroads RAILROAD None  
Bridge & Water Transportation Companies NONE Water Transport Schedules  

Questions or comments? See our FAQ Page on Annual Reports, contact our annual reports mailbox, or call us at (614) 466-4095.