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Hazardous Materials Training and Planning Grants Program forms


Download the application found above. Fill out the application and save the completed application on your computer. Send the completed application as an attachment to an email to:

To attach the saved file to the email as an attachment

Look near the top for an icon that looks like a paperclip or says attach, attachment or something similar (web-based email attachment buttons may be somewhere else on the page but they work the same way. For example, the button on Hotmail says add/edit attachments). Press that button and a box will open up that will allow you to navigate to where you have stored the file that you want to send.

Find that file, click on that file and then the Insert button (might say open, browse or attach, or something similar). After selecting a file and attaching it to the email, you should be able to see the file's complete path in the "Attachment" field of your email, or you´ll just see the name of the file that was attached. Then you can edit text of your message, and click the send button.

More information on the PUCO Hazardous Materials Training and Planning Grants Program