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Webcast help

About webcasts

Because of the complexity of providing the webcasts and technological issues that are outside the PUCO’s control, the PUCO cannot guarantee that you will be able to view a webcast.

The PUCO recognizes that its decisions impact people all over the state of Ohio. To assist those who can not attend a meeting in person, the PUCO attempts to offer webcasts of Commission meetings.  Webcasts are not always a reliable way to get information, and live webcasts are sometimes interrupted for technical reasons. The PUCO attempts to provide the recorded webcasts as soon as possible after the meeting has ended. The recorded version of the meeting is more dependable than viewing the LIVE version. The PUCO keeps the recorded meeting Webcast on the PUCO website for two weeks after the original meeting date. 

Requirements guide:

Because each person using the webcast is in a unique situation, the following may not be a complete list of things you need to view a webcast successfully. 

  • Internet connection: Viewers with faster and more consistent connections will have a better viewing experience.
  • Flash Player from Adobe: The Adobe Flash Player is available free of charge and is available on the Adobe website.
  • Web browser: A web browser is required to view the notices of webcasts on the PUCO website. The PUCO website should work with most industry standard browsers. The PUCO can not support your installation of a web browser although you are free to contact the PUCO to make them aware of issues.
Common problems:
  • Flash version: Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Flash and that your computer meets the minimum requirements to use Flash.
  • Software running in the background: It is recommended that when viewing the Webcast, you close other software programs.
  • Corporate and personal firewalls: Contact your company network administrator or review your personal firewall settings to insure they do not interfere. 
  • Browser security settings: Browser security can interfere with the proper functioning of the Flash Player.
Other recommendations:

Test your set up before the meeting. Test your computer using previously recorded webcasts from the PUCO website.

Contacting the PUCO about webcast problems :

Support is not available during live Webcasts but please contact us with any questions or comments. We will respond as soon as possible. Issues can be directed to