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Industry Topics

Ohio's renewable energy portfolio standard
May 19, 2017
Ohio's renewable energy portfolio standard
  • By the year 2027, 12.5 percent of the electricity sold by each utility or electric services company within Ohio must be generated from renewable energy sources.
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Operation Lifesaver and other rail links
January 11, 2017
Pending area code exhaust

What is "exhaust"? An area code reaches "exhaust" when nearly all of the telephone prefixes within that area code are assigned. Prefixes follow the area code and are the first three numbers of a customer's local phone number. Faxes, pages, cell phone calls, ATMs and


PowerForward logo

PowerForward is the PUCO’s review of the latest in technological and regulatory innovation that could serve to enhance the consumer electricity experience. Through this series, we intend to chart a clear path forward for future grid modernization projects, innovative regulations and forward-thinking policies.

PUCO Policy Statement for Executive Order 2008-04S

PUCO Policy Statement for Executive Order 2008-04S Executive Order 2008-04S “Implementing Common Sense Business Regulation,” paragraph 5(f) provides as follows: “Agencies should when appropriate waive penalties for first-time or isolated paperwork or procedural regulatory non-compliance. Each cabinet agency, board

PUCO Title VI compliance

The PUCO strives to create and maintain an environment free from discrimination. We seek to be an inclusive organization that operates without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, income-level or limited English proficiency. 

Railroad incident/accident reporting requirements
Regulated Electric Companies
Regulated Gas Companies
Regulated Railroad Companies
Regulated Telecommunications Companies
Regulated Water and Sewer Companies
Regulatory contacts for motor carriers

Regulatory Contacts for Motor Carriers Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Compliance Division Phone: (614) 466-0351 Civil Forfeiture Penalties Safety Rules and Regulations Enforcement Division Phone: (614) 466-0369 Carrier Compliance Reviews New Entrant Carrier Safety Audits Driver/Commercial

Renewable portfolio standard status reports - 2014
Retail market investigation
Rules for competitive retail electric service (CRES)

Rules for Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) PUCO rules related to competitive retail electric service (CRES) and providers are contained in the chapters of the Ohio Administrative Code listed below. Forms and instructions for certification and reporting requirements can be found at: CRES Provider

SEET - significantly excessive earnings test for electric distribution utilities

See case no. 09-786-EL-UNC for the PUCO's development of a significantly excessive earnings test for electric utilities.

Selected Reports

Selected Reports Shepard Hills Water Company Staff Report 98-1012-WW-AIR  (pdf) Citizens Utility Company of Ohio Staff Report 98-178-WS-AIR  (pdf) Viewing PDF files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Southeastern Natural Gas gas supply rates