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For the convenience of utilities working with the Commission's new quadrangle maps, we are making available some of the data and maps that were used internally. First, we have a link to an application that will search all the 174 quadrangles involved in boundary change cases. There is a second link for the remaining 437 quadrangles. To determine whether or not a particular quadrangle was involved in a boundary change case, check our index map. The maps available through either link display the boundary lines as digitized in 2007 drawn on top of the scanned Mylar. For comparison sake, the PUCO's old 1989 boundary lines are also shown on the maps. Data in ESRI shape file format can also be downloaded from this page. All of the shape files use the NAD83 State Plane Ohio South projection in feet.


Mylar Quadrangle Maps -- Quadrangles with Boundary Change Cases

Mylar Quadrangle Maps -- Quadrangles with No Boundary Changes

Colors Used on the Maps

Municipalities -- Red
Overlap Areas -- Green
2007 PUCO Boundaries -- Blue
1989 PUCO Boundaries -- Brown

( Each of the above is an individual layer overlaid successively on top of the base map image.)


Shape File Data (right-click to download):

Overlap Areas
Service Areas
Service Areas Combined with Quadrangles