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Request For Proposal No. RA17-RCPIS-2



The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to retain services in order to construct Orwell-Trumbull’s (OTP) historical plant records for inclusion in its plant schedules and rate base calculation or determine plant valuation in the absence of reliable plant records. 

The auditor shall be familiar with and/or comply with all of the following:


·         Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 4901-7, Standard filing requirements for rate increases.

·         Property classification.

·         Plant in service schedules and working papers.

o    Jurisdictional rate base summary

o    Plant in service summary by major property groupings

o    Plant in service by accounts and subaccounts

o    Adjustments to plant in service

o    Gross additions, retirements, and transfers

o    Lease property

o    Property excluded from rate base

·         Depreciation.

o    Reserve for accumulated depreciation

o    Adjustments to the reserve for accumulated depreciation

o    Depreciation accrual rates and jurisdictional reserve balances by accounts

o    Depreciation reserve accruals, retirements, and transfers

o    Depreciation reserve and expense for lease property

·         Construction work in progress.

·         GAAP.

·         FERC Uniform System of Accounts.


The auditor will establish the value of OTP’s CPR for purposes of determining the rate base in the Company’s rate case.


RFP Issued:
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Proposals Due:
June 23, 2017

For further information, please see the Entry in Case No. 16-1726-PL-AIR signed on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.