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Request for Proposal No. RA17-EE-PDR-1

Compliance audit of the energy efficiency and peak demand reduction rider of AEP Ohio

By opinion and order issued on March 18, 2009, the Commission approved an electric security plan (ESP) for Columbus Southern Power Company (CSP) and Ohio Power Company (OP) in Case Nos. 08-917-EL-SSO and 08-918-EL-SSO (ESP 1 Cases), that, among other things, authorized the companies to establish an EE/PDR rider to recover the costs of AEP Ohio’s implementation of its programs to reduce energy consumption and peak demand on its system.  Subsequently, the Commission approved a settlement that set the initial EE/PDR rider rates in the companies’ 2009-2011 program portfolio plans in Case Nos. 09-1089-EL-POR and 09-1090-EL-POR (2009 Portfolio Cases), effective on the first billing cycle in June 2010.  AEP Ohio filed its annual rider updates in the following cases:  Case Nos. 11-2768-EL-RDR, 11-2769-EL-RDR, 12-1557-EL-RDR, 13-1201-EL-RDR, 14-0873-EL-RDR, 15-0960-EL-RDR and 16-1108-EL-RDR.  In approving subsequent ESPs for AEP Ohio, in Case No. 11-346-EL-SSO, et al., and Case No. 13-2385-EL-SSO, et al., the Commission has also approved the continuation of the EE/PDR rider.

This request for proposal seeks audit services to review the accounting accuracy, prudency, and compliance of the EE/PDR recovery mechanism and the prudency of management decisions in the administration of the Companies’ EE/PDR program portfolio plans in the cases listed above, which include activity from years 2011 through 2016.

RFP Issued:
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Proposals Due:
February 27, 2017

For further information, please see the entry in Case No. 17-30-EL-RDR  signed on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.