Completed annual reports

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43 Files:
file icon Alltel Ohio, Inc. 2003.pdf 1,762 kb  
file icon Arcadia Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,456 kb  
file icon Arthur Mutual Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,993 kb  
file icon Ayersville Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,822 kb  
file icon Bascom Mutual Telephone Company 2003.pdf 2,044 kb  
file icon Benton Ridge Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,097 kb  
file icon Buckland Telephone Company 2003.pdf 4,325 kb  
file icon CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc. 2003.pdf 1,938 kb  
file icon Champaign Telephone Company 2003.pdf 2,053 kb  
file icon Chillicothe Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,900 kb  
file icon Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,615 kb  
file icon Columbus Grove Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,503 kb  
file icon Conneaut Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 2,080 kb  
file icon Continental Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,466 kb  
file icon Doylestown Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 2,019 kb  
file icon Farmers Mutual Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,982 kb  
file icon Fort Jennings Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,741 kb  
file icon Frontier Communications of Michigan, Inc. 2003.pdf 1,460 kb  
file icon Germantown Independent Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 2,027 kb  
file icon Glandorf Telephone Company, Inc. 2003.pdf 1,821 kb  
file icon Kalida Telephone Company, Inc. 2003.pdf 1,911 kb  
file icon Little Miami Communications Corporation 2003.pdf 1,889 kb  
file icon McClure Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 2,009 kb  
file icon Middle Point Home Telephone Company, Inc. The 2003.pdf 1,724 kb  
file icon Minford Telephone Company 2003.pdf 2,084 kb  
file icon New Knoxville Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,567 kb  
file icon Nova Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,979 kb  
file icon Oakwood Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,498 kb  
file icon Orwell Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,527 kb  
file icon Ottoville Mutual Telephone Company Inc., The 2003.pdf 1,568 kb  
file icon Pattersonville Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,363 kb  
file icon Ridgeville Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 3,337 kb  
file icon SBC Ohio 2003.pdf 1,900 kb  
file icon Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association Inc. 2003.pdf 1,396 kb  
file icon Sycamore Telephone Company The 2003 Amended Report.pdf 1,853 kb  
file icon Telephone Service Company 2003.pdf 1,744 kb  
file icon United Telephone Company of Indiana 2003.pdf 250 kb  
file icon United Telephone Company of Ohio 2003.pdf 1,875 kb  
file icon Vanlue Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,435 kb  
file icon Vaughnsville Telephone Company 2003.pdf 1,643 kb  
file icon Verizon North Inc. 2003.pdf 1,604 kb  
file icon Walbash Mutual Telephone Company 2003.pdf 4,296 kb  
file icon Western Reserve Telephone Company, The 2003.pdf 1,787 kb  
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