Completed annual reports

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33 Files:
file icon Arcadia Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,572 kb  
file icon Arthur Mutual Telephone Company 2002.pdf 2,006 kb  
file icon Ayersville Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,530 kb  
file icon Bascom Mutual Telephone Company 2002 .pdf 1,628 kb  
file icon Benton Ridge Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,426 kb  
file icon Buckland Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,597 kb  
file icon Champaign Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,550 kb  
file icon Chillicothe Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,572 kb  
file icon Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,519 kb  
file icon Columbus Grove Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,570 kb  
file icon Conneaut Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,639 kb  
file icon Continental Telephone Company 2002.pdf 1,549 kb  
file icon Fort Jennings Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,369 kb  
file icon Germantown Independent Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 2,399 kb  
file icon Glandorf Telephone Company, Inc. 2002.pdf 1,369 kb  
file icon Kalida Telephone Company, Inc. 2002.pdf 1,509 kb  
file icon McClure Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 2,145 kb  
file icon Middle Point Home Telephone Company, Inc. The 2002.pdf 1,395 kb  
file icon New Knoxville Telephone Company 2002.pdf 2,243 kb  
file icon Nova Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,591 kb  
file icon Ottoville Mutual Telephone Company Inc., The 2002.pdf 1,983 kb  
file icon Pattersonville Telephone Company 2002.pdf 2,051 kb  
file icon Ridgeville Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,986 kb  
file icon SBC Ohio 2002.pdf 1,925 kb  
file icon Sycamore Telephone Company The 2002 Amended Report.pdf 2,097 kb  
file icon Telephone Service Company 2002.pdf 2,151 kb  
file icon United Telephone Company of Indiana Inc 2002.pdf 172 kb  
file icon United Telphone Company of Ohio.pdf 1,820 kb  
file icon Vanlue Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,494 kb  
file icon Vaughnsville Telephone Company 2002.pdf 2,022 kb  
file icon Verizon North Inc. 2002.pdf 2,225 kb  
file icon Wabash Mutual Telephone Company 2002.pdf 2,039 kb  
file icon Western Reserve Telephone Company, The 2002.pdf 1,428 kb  
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